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It’s our pleasure to welcome you to this platform, it’s a viable medium for reaching out to a large number of your potential market and keeping the public informed about you, your organization, your product, programme and event etc. is an authoritative source of current news from around the world bordering on diverse areas, intellectual articles and other information on various subjects and we provide a platform for writers as well. These unique characteristics draw audience to the website from all works of life.

We therefore invite you to include us in your general media strategy for best results. You have advantages of gaining the following and lots more:

A.  By advertising with us, you gain immediate access to both local and international readership of various ages and calibers through the World Wide Web (www) medium.

B.  We do not only advertise to the thousands of our website visitors, we also afford you an added advantage of linking your ads up to your own website or  any other online connections you may provide to enhance contacts with your potential clients/customers and for more information on you.

C. If you do not have a website or any URL to be linked to for further information, we may also open a page on our website to provide more detailed information about your products and services. This provision is absolutely free.


D. Even if you have a website, we may still open a page for you on our website and engage our literary experts who will gather information on your products and services and strategically prepare an informative article, which will contain backlinks to specific items on your website. Using this provision is absolutely free.


***The advantage of this provision is that instead of just linking visitors to your home page alone, you in addition, with the use of backlinks directly link them to specific items on your website showing them at a glance what they would have strenuously gone searching for. This will attract visitors’ rapt attention in minimum time***.


E. We also afford you the opportunity to change your advert designs twice after the first seven days. This helps you to communicate your message to your potential clients/customers in various forms.

F.  You have flexibility of design formats and sizes to suit your taste and special needs.

G.  We may freely do your advert designs to give you a quality ‘look and feel’, if you wish, and subject to your approval before publication.

H. You may use animated advert logos, designs, and/or icons at the same rates as still-logos, icons, and/or designs.

I. We may also freely offer some professional counsel on your advert preparation, which may include some strategic hints.

J. We are much more interested in partaking in your general media strategy to give you maximum awareness creation. Hence, our advert rates are highly affordable, for instance. Every advert placement will last for a period of 14 days.

K. Using our online medium, the same rates apply to both colour and black-and-white adverts

Please contact us for more information by e-mailing Alternatively, You can also reach us by phone through these lines:

+234-808-043-7618, +234-8063328963

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