Entrance to Achebe's Burial

Entrance to Achebe’s Burial

At least three persons have allegedly sustained various degrees of injuries in Ogidi Idemili North local Government Area of Anambra State, during Chinua Achebe’s funeral ceremony.


It was said that the trouble started at the entrance to the main building of the Achebe’s home where Chinua Achebe’s burial ceremony was taking place, when an unidentified mobile policeman who was one of the security operatives standing guard at the entrance to the house,  barred journalists and other personalities who came to Chinua Achebe’s Funeral to pay their last respect to the late Icon of literature from entering the compound saying that they were not allowed to enter the compound.


Our correspondent who covered the event learned that in the course of trying to let the Mopol know who they were, the policeman at the Chinua Achebe’s funeral went berserk, hitting everybody with baton and horsewhip and in the process injured a journalist while some fell into the gutter and a score of others sustained injuries.


An unidentified traditional titled man at the Achebe’s funeral was, reportedly, among those who fell into the gutter and was made a foot mat as scared visitors at the gate ran helter-skelter for their lives.


    Speaking to our correspondent, the Journalist Mr. Tobias Ekirika, who narrated his ordeal, said he was at the gate of the late Achebe’s house where Achebe’s funeral ceremony was taking place when the Mopol allegedly got angry and pounced on him.


“I was at the Achebe’s gate trying to get inside the compound, so the mopol man with his ‘koboko’ and belt. Maybe, his intention was to scare people away from the place. I told him I was a journalist trying to get my news. He started beating me. That is why and how I sustained this injury. He left me there on the ground and went inside the compound”, Ekirika said.


Article by Oleka Friday Oleka

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