Unilag gateThis might be good news for University of Lagos students who are being gripped by the fear of being rushed into exams immediately the strike is eventually called off. The management of University of Lagos stated that it would not rush students into exams after resumption.

 The management of University of Lagos made this known on Thursday through the Dean of Students Affairs, Unilag, Prof. O. Amund during an exclusive interview with Skyrocket News.

 University of Lagos unlike several other universities has left their hostels open and in full service since the strike begun, contrary to usual practice. This raised the fear in some students of the acclaimed University of First Choice that the school authority might have done so in order to allow students who want to stay back and read to do so that when school resumes and exam papers appear, no one would say he was not given the opportunity to study in school.

 However speaking with the Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. Amund on whether the school actually plans to rush the students into examinations immediately after resumption, he said that no normal human being in his right senses would do that.

The Dean of Students Affairs stated that the school had not even covered up courses before the strike, according to him, the University still had some weeks of lecture to exam before the strike and that the University does not intend to do away with that. He equally stated that the University would also give the students some time to resettle themselves having being away from school for so long before anyone would be talking about examination.

 “No, we are not going to rush our students. In case you don’t know, University of Lagos had some weeks of lecture before the strike came on, so we are going to complete lectures before exams.” The Dean stated.

 “You know we are different, we are not like other schools, we won’t rush our students, in fact it is expected that we give them time to get themselves together and resettle for academics, having been away for several months, four to five months now.” Prof. Amund said.

 When he was asked why the school has decided to leave hostels open for students, if not that they expect them to be reading for exams that would come immediately after the strike. He said that that was not true, that they left hostels open for students who wanted to stay back and read, not because they had the plan of rushing them into exams immediately after the strike.

 “University of Lagos has never closed down completely since the strike, University of Lagos has never closed hostels, hostels have been open for students who want to stay back and read. Some students are there, while some have gone home for one reason or the other, that doesn’t mean we are planning to rush them into exams immediately we resume. It is just a way to help our students who want to stay back and read. We will give our students enough time to prepare before the exam.”

 Our correspondence who visited hostels in Unilag discovered that a good number of students were around, and that services were not in any way hampered. There were steady power supply as usual, the cleaners were always around to do their jobs, the hall master and other staff, the security men who never fail to thoroughly search any strange face and collect his information after stating his purpose before allowing him entrance were also always on duty, stores and cafeteria were operating.

 Speaking with one of the students who simply identified himself as Samuel, he said that he was there to cover up his syllabi.

 “Well, I’m in school to read, one cannot tell the action that the school authority is about to take after this strike. It could be straight to exam.” He said. “But, I also use this time to do some research for a book I am writing.”

 When asked whether he has been in school since the beginning of the strike, he said that he sometimes goes home and then come back after a while.

 However, one of the students who were met at King Jaja Hall said that he was not doing anything in school.

 “I just decided to come back to school, I am tired of staying at home.” He said.

 When asked what his daily routine was like, he said laughing, “sleeping, waking up, bathing, eating, watch movies, I don’t even go out of the Hostel that much”.

 Meanwhile some students who are in the hostel actually go from there to work.

Article by Williams Igwe

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