Governor of Imo State, Rochas-Okorocha

The Government Imo State, yesterday revoked the licenses of all Orphanage homes in Imo State, the mass revocation came as a reaction of the Imo State Government to the incessant buying and selling of babies by those who run orphanage homes in the State.

Making the announcement yesterday, Monday, the Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Development, Mrs. Nma Onyechere, stated the government’s position that baby factories is daunting the image of the state and that the rise in trading in human beings has gotten to the extent that it gives the government concern and warrants government’s intervention. She expressed worries over the increase in such an alien trend in Igboland.

In her words, “Government has revoked the certificates of all foster (Orphanage) homes in the state with immediate effect. Similarly, any staff found to be operating any such establishment or in the habit of aiding or abetting ‘baby factories’, would be summarily dismissed from service.” She said.

She further clarified that the Okorocha lead government of Imo State does not intend to neglect the plight of the motherless and homeless, but rather it is in order to put orphanage homes in Imo State into controllable order. She enunciated that there would be another process of registration and certification of all Orpahnage homes in Imo State.

According to her, “As at the last count, only 36 homes were registered in the state. Our interest in the re-certification exercise is to save lives and preserve the corporate image of the state.” She continued, “In line with the current revocation of the certificates, government has planned fresh re-registration and re-certification of all such homes. Anybody or group of persons found to have defied this policy will be arrested and prosecuted.” The Commissioner said.

Article by Emma Opekete

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