“I cannot leave the house I built” – Sule Lamido

“I have not moved” – Babangida Aliyu

Aliyu Bababgida and Sule Lamido

Aliyu Bababgida and Sule Lamido

The move by the rebel PDP Governors to join APC may not be a smooth sailing anyways. The leader of the rebel PDP Governors keep insisting that there were division among them on joining the APC, that decision was conclusively that of all the rebel PDP Governors, two governors have emerged publicly to state that they not joining the APC and are not part of the decision to join the APC.

The Governors who have dissociated themselves from the move to join the APC are the Governor of Niger State, Babangida Aliyu and the Governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido. Yesterday, while, Governor Sule Lamido did not attend the merger meeting, Gov. Aliyu Babangida seems to have showed up just to fulfill all righteousness and quickly hurried off before the resolution was read communicated.

The communiqué which was signed by the APC leader chief Bisi Akande and the leader of the rebel Governors, Alhaji Abubakar Baraje, stated that after an exhaustive deliberations during the meeting of the APC and the new PDP, the two parties have agreed to merge in order to rescue Nigeria’s fledgling democracy and the nation.

 Later, the new PDP Chairman, Alhaji Abubakar Baraje confirming the merger said, “We are merging, what we are telling you is that we have merged and we have agreed to merge.” Alhaji Baraje said.

Commenting on the positions expressed by the two dissenting Rebel Governors, Alhaji Baraje vehemently insisted there is no split in the group of the rebel Governor and that all the Governor have common ground on the issue. He explained that the two Governors who left the meeting before it was concluded, Gov. Aliyu Babangida, Niger State, and Kwara State Governor, did not leave in protest or due to any form of dissatisfaction but rather they left duly taking permission to do so and were duly granted leave.

In his words, “You have observed that some of our members took permission to go out of the meeting; they did not walk out. You have seen the governor of Kwara, you have seen the governor of Niger; they all took permission to travel.” Alhaji Baraje said.

Meanwhile, Governor Lamido Sule yesterday cleared the air that he is not part of he decision to join APC.

Governor lamido who spoke through the Director of Press, JigawaState, Mallam Umar Kyari said, “We remain in PDP, Governor Lamido is going nowhere, he is not leaving a house that he built. He was among the first nine persons that conceived the PDP, that is the G9, which transformed to G18 and then to G34. So, he cannot leave the house that he founded and will make sure that justice is done in PDP.”

Similarly, Governor Aliyu Babangida also said he has not moved. He said that he was surprised that the new PDP is announcing a merger while the peace talk between them and the presidency is still ongoing.

“Let me also add that we are shocked at the announcement of the merger even before a final decision is taken on the matter. We are aware that talks are ongoing with the president and until the talks are exhausted, Governor Babangida Aliyu remains a member of the PDP.” The Governor Niger State said.

The APC force, lead by the chairman, not relenting in their bid has since gone to Dutse to meet the Governor Lamido Sule who was absent during the  meeting to seek his surport and remain with them.

Article by Humphrey Ugwuoba

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