unilag premisesThe management of University of Lagos has discredited the information making the round that it has pulled out of the ongoing strike by the members of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, (ASUU).

It was earlier reported on 20th November, not by Skyrocket that University of Lagos has resolved to pull out of the ongoing strike by ASUU having voted in favour of the suspension of the strike, and that Unilag has fixed a date (9th December) for the postponed examinations, and Timetables have been pasted in all notice boards on Unilag campus.

However, speaking with one of our correspondents in a telephone interview on Wednesday night, the University of Lagos Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Management services, Prof. Duro Oni refuted the report saying it is a big lie, that Unilag is still very much with ASUU on the strike.

“That is a very big lie, Unilag has not pulled out of the strike, how can anyone say we have called off strike when the National Executive Council (ASUU NEC) meeting has not held. The thing is that the NEC meeting will be holding by tomorrow after which the strike may be called off.” Prof. Duro Oni said.

In another television interview with our correspondent, one of the examination officers of Unilag from the Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology, Dr. Franca Attoh confirmed that no date has been fixed for Unilag Second Semester Exams. She wondered why any body would say that when the strike has not even been called off.

“To the best of my knowledge, there is no date for exams yet, who would be deciding on the date for exams when the strike has not been called off? We are still at home, some of us just go to school sometimes to do one thing or the other. If there is any such decision, then we have not been told, I am just hearing it for the first time.” She said

Furthermore, our correspondent who visited University of Lagos and walked round departments to check for indications that exam timetable has been pasted confirmed that no such thing was in place.

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) on 1st of July embarked on an indefinite strike in protest against the non-implementation of their 2009 agreement with the Federal Government. The strike which has lasted almost five months now last week nearly saw its end before another tragic occurrence hit ASUU.

There were indications that the ongoing impasse with the Federal Government would end as ASUU had started considering the offer made by the Federal Government in relation to their demand. However, while the principal officers of the body were en route to the venue of their meeting where the final decision would be taking, some of them were involved in a ghastly auto crash, which claimed the life of a former National President of ASUU, Prof. Iyayi leaving some others seriously injured.

ASUU reacted to this tragic occurrence with the announcement of an indefinite suspension of the NEC meeting which would ultimately decide on calling off the strike.

It is becoming clear by the day that ASUU would eventually call of the strike in their next NEC meeting, not only because majority of Universities have voted in favour of the suspension, some members of ASUU, have equally hinted that that would be the outcome of their next NEC meeting.

Article by Williams Igwe

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