Speculations recently arose that the money master musician and music promoter, Don Jazzy might be in a relationship (Note: not confirmed they are dating) with the Nollywood diva, the industrious Genevieve Nnaji after the two were spotted at a very popular and highly expensive nightclub (name withheld) in Lekki, Lagosin July.

Genevieve was seen earlier popping Champaign and dancing with her friends at the VIP section of the club. Our source disclosed that she might have contacted Don Jazzy who arrived at the club at about pass 2a.m. The DJ took a short interlude to announce his presence with a song with one of the defunct Mo Hit boys screaming, “It’s Don Jazzy again!”

The Don who recently purchased one of the world’s most expensive Champaign at N250m walked straight to the VIP section to join the gussy Genevieve and friends.

Few minutes later, still with the stick of his cigar, Genny and Jazzy together with their friends left the club and drove off in the same exotic jeep with both sitting in front.

The two are still seen closely together. No hints, they really look like a perfect match. Just check out the pix, don’t they?

Article by Olugbenga Damilola

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