Japanese Real Sex Doll

Japanese Real Sex Doll

Developments in the robot industry is reaching an all-time high, so I said I should write somethings about them in the following number of lines.

  1. I am sure you will be as amazed as I was when I first discovered what an invention Japanese researchers have come up with in recent times, that Japanese pleasure dolls are now more lifelike than ever.
  2. I am not a prophet but I think I see a world where there are less humans and more robots that can do virtually everything including meeting human sex needs.
  3. Heard about Japanese real dolls before? That was the news that got my eyes brows raised for a long time until I could come to terms with the facts that you can actually buy a robot to replace your sex partner.
  4. Funny, one man bought one to replace his lost wife.
  5. Before now robots have been invented that perform some activities, now Japanese lifelike dolls are made to provide enjoyable sex experience. Some people have come up with the thinking that before 2030, robots will be manufacture that would fight wars.
  6. That is not out of place all, if sex dolls could be manufactured to replace human companionship, with a kind of human-skin-like body, then I don’t think it’s impossible to invent robots that can do everything a human being does.
  7. Japanese pleasure dolls are widely divided into three types:
  8. The first type is made of puff body that weigh about 3kg,
  9. The second type has a soft plastic body with detachable parts such as arms and legs,
  • The third type has a silicon body that features a really skin material, the component of this type allows certain types of movement that make it easy to operate.
  1. The earlier products used to have latex with an interior skeleton. That has changed as we can see.
  2. It costs about $15,000 to acquire. A lot of people spend huge amount of money to purchase different kinds Japanese pleasure dolls.
  3. The makers of sex dolls are taking their research further, for instance the RealDoll developer Matt McMullen who also developed the Realbotix has said he wants to develop some Japanese real dolls with an Al head that would have the ability to move, and talk like human.
  4. You now understand why I think that this could be the beginning of extinction of the human race.
  5. But Looking at it differently, it could be a measure of population control.
  6. The Japanese lifelike dolls are sold in every part of the world, however, the United State, United Kingdom, Germany and Australia are said to be the largest international markets for them.


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