Interestingly, I am going to be talking about some exciting things about female escorts in this piece. Yes, they are in high demand across the globe especially by men making a journey. So, I will be looking at some of the things they mostly like about them like the Breasts, Eyes, Sexy legs, Buttocks, and Skin. You are invited to follow me on a ride through the topic.


Female Escort

Let me begin with the breasts. Men love breasts! No doubt. This is one of the things that clients like about their female escorts- preferably when the breasts are soft and sizeable. A pretty lady standing straight with sexy legs and attractive breasts will certainly cut a deal as a female escort.

Female Escort with flashy eyesA lady’s eyes can keep a client transfixed for a moment. Ever seen a pretty chick with such an attention-grabbing eyes that you later began to wonder why you couldn’t take your eyes off her while she was looking at you? Yea, such ladies are great female escorts! The eyes are probably the most expressive part of the body, they emit happiness, sadness, and all kinds of feelings from deep inside the soul. Female escorts arguably understand the use of the eyes better as one of the tools for creating an amazing first impression on clients. Escorts take care of their eyes with everything there is to use for that purpose, they can’t afford to have sexy legs with bad eyes.

Female Escort SkinThe words that describe the next one are succulent, smooth, silky, tender or soft, guess what it is? – The Skin. Female escorts can’t even imagine themselves losing this, it is like taking away the signpost and address link to your store, how would you sell? Velvety smooth skin is one the things that turns a client on. I think this is because a man’s skin tends to be rougher and thicker, so men seem to desire the opposite of what they have.

What makes the skin really cool to men as a female escort? Men love a hair-free skin, if you are a female escort and you are densely hairy on your skin, stop wondering why you aren’t getting many jobs, go for waxing or get a laser hair removal treatment. Use them for your legs to achieve some sexy legs. Too much hair on a lady’s skin is a strong turn off for many men.

Densely haired female escort

Densely haired female escort

In what appears to be the opposite of a hair on the skin of a female escort, actually being densely hairy on your head is a plus. A client would love to be running his fingers through a lady’s hair. It is probably because most men have shorter hair. So, the silky, long hair could land one of the female escorts a huge contract. As a female escort, keep your hair silky and smooth, well made with quality hair treatment. If you decide to color your hair color everything including the just-growing ones, it looks awful seeing a black hair when you are showcasing yourself as being blonde.

Densely haired female escort

Female escort buttocks

Look at this, “A beautiful behind speaks to your clients after you have passed them”. Need I mention it again? Okay, you’ve got to have some really nice buttocks. It’s an asset! Many clients seek out escorts because of their buttocks. It may not entirely be off but flat or flabby butts are way too extremes that will hardly make a great escort. You have to take out time to build yourself by undertaking an exercise that targets that region of your body like swimming, walking and others.

Female Escort Sexy legs

Female Escort Sexy legs

The next in line is Sexy Legs! I can actually say, I just saved the best for the last. Being an escort is not babysitting your clients, even though there is some moment of privacy, escorts are always on the move. Sexy legs are key, you can have lovely eyes, nice butts, smooth skin, and all that, without some sexy legs, clients will be reluctant to take you on a journey. Clients love to watch a woman walk around in short skirts, they want to have her legs placed on their body during moments of passion and a lot more you can do with your legs. Escorts can’t afford to have some sexy legs.

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