Encourage the discourageIn the absence of encouragement, people become discouraged and frustration comes in. It is no news that life is unfair and each day comes with its own challenges. Encouragement is vital because challenges can come in a small way and at other times, may seem like a mountain, it all depends on the way you see it that you may become discouraged. Just as fire tests the purity of gold, challenges are meant to test your faith, inner- strength, and to prepare you ahead for future glory and success attached to it. Therefore, it is advisable not to be discouraged whenever you are faced with challenges. Without encouragement, more often than not, life seems to be made up of only things to worry about.  Life has many disappointments for all of us: illness, despair, betrayal, and feelings of worthlessness among others that could get you discouraged. Sometimes, life can seem so very grim, and so many times we tend to wallow in pools of self-pity but before we become discouraged, what we should have at the back of our mind is that it is God’s way of fine-tuning us so we can become more compassionate, more caring, more loving, and more aware of others’ pains.  After all, how could we become an encouragement to others and dry their tears if we have never cried ourselves?

We all find ourselves in the valley of despair sometimes without anything as an encouragement.  It may sometimes seem that we are forever worrying, learning lessons, suffering pains, and facing challenges.  We must try not to be discouraged and to remember that the fertilizer that helps us “grow” is in those valleys, not on the “mountain tops”. Encouragement comes during the times that we feel most scared and confused, because we will always end up wiser and we will grow more from the experiences and challenges.  We will understand more about people and life, become more sensitive, and we’ll be able to enjoy life more after we go through the hard times. So, challenges are mighty stepping stones, let’s not be discouraged.

We have to experience sadness so that we may better measure joy, the remembrance of this should be an encouragement to us.  Life has a way of balancing the sorrow with the joy, the disappointments with the hope, and the emptiness with the meaning so we should not be discouraged in challenging times. You may have experienced frustration and it may seem there are no solutions to your problems, I have good news for you, put your trust in God, and live on hope and you will experience a change of story, God will be your encouragement! We must not be discouraged or run away when the other side of life surfaces. It is very important to note that whenever you face an obstacle or challenge, and you overcome it, your encouragement should be that success awaits you at the end. Aside from this, you will learn a lot from those hard and odd times, which will definitely keep you going rather being discouraged in life.

There are a lot of circumstances that could get you discouraged, it could be joblessness, barrenness, financial problems, fear of the future, family and marital issues and so on. In all of these, to gain an encouragement, you should remember God and put Him at the center of your life. Secondly, create an inner-peace and joy within yourself, it’s an effective antidote to being discouraged. It is expected of you to have a strong determination to succeed in whatever area you have chosen. You need to succeed within before you can succeed outside. Be to yourself a strong source of encouragement and believe in your ability only then will you live a better life not being discouraged all the time.

With encouragement, you are always two steps ahead, as threatening clouds hover, don’t fold up your wings and accept failure, but like the eagle, soar far above the challenges life brings without being discouraged. Instead of accepting defeat and failure that comes with the challenges, let it be an opportunity to learn and garner enough strength and experience to do greater things. Remember, challenges are not problems! They are simply encouragement in disguise.

On the other hand, it has been proven, that people more often than not become discouraged where there is no love and in an environment of sadness. Therefore, I advise you to move closer to people that make life meaningful and pleasant for you, they are ample source of encouragement. Be with people with of the right mind-set, go to places you have never been before, express your feelings, and show love to people around you. Meet people that matters most and do not allow the negative words said about you to tie you down or serve as distractions or get you discouraged from achieving your plans and purpose in life.

Lastly, to avoid being discouraged, never compare yourself with anybody because you are a special person, and there is nobody that can mimic or be like you, in the same vein, you can not mimic or be like some else. This means that you have a unique character and set of abilities different from any other person, studying and understanding the uniqueness of your individual make-up can be a great source of encouragement to you. Be yourself and always do what brings happiness to you as a person. Always resist any form of frustration and you will live a discouragement-free life.



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