A Lady trying to get her man's attentionIn the game of love, many girls are in for trouble. That the guy makes himself available at the point of need is not assurance of love and commitment. It has become part of the trend of ‘THE GAME M*N PLA*’. A new discovery by expert play**s shows that money and material things can only buy her attention but never her conviction and commitment, that which only his time can acquire i.e to gain this, men has learnt to give their time as well. So, the new rule is play it safe and secure. Appearing original by the principle of pretence and perfection “THE TRIPLE ‘P’ GAME”. Before you conclude you have seen Mr. Right, before you fall flat, better be sure than sorry. Below are ten ways you can know whether your man is really your man:

  1. What comes to your mind when your man’s hands always runs swiftly through his keypad that you cannot identify the keys that he presses and the phone opens? When he begins to hide his phone’s or other device’s password there is certainly something he doesn’t want you to see or know. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying there are no genuine reasons why a guy should keep his password from his babe. But a greater percentage of such things are clandestine dealings with other girls. One who has settled his mind for you will not hide his password from you. Sit up!
  2. What do you think when you notice his phone is always on vibration or on silence when you are around or his battery is often flat when he comes to see you? Experts concur that emotion is magnetic. More often than not the other gal remembers him when he is with somebody else, maybe ‘you’. So, some guys put the phone on vibration. Well, sharp girls who know this prefer to hold his phone while they are together. Smart guys usually run the battery down before coming. Now, can you beat that! Just keep your cool, beat your brains out and figure out something if this happens repeatedly.
  3. What about when every girl’s picture or other stuffs you stumble on turns to his cousin? If you don’t know his sisters then they would be his sisters but if you know them, then they would be his cousins or some sort of relatives. Please do not argue! You need to ask for their names and gently too, and maybe a little more information about them so you‘d know when he makes some mistakes about them someday – Surely, he will someday, too many lies tangle.
  4. If you have access to his phone, you don’t find the texts you sent him on the inbox or the ones he sent you on the sent box. Don’t you think something is fishy? The same way you reluctantly like to reread your texts from his inbox even though you sent it and wants to reread his reply even though you received it others too may want to. The rule is to take it out. Now you know you are not the only one!
  5. Don’t take it lightly when he always has excuses for every of his misdemeanor. Perfection is far from the actions of men. Every long story has some elements of fabrications in them. Still, trust your man. Even at that, too much of everything is fake!
  6. What do you think when he avoids meeting your family especially your older ones, and never introduces his to you?  Shouldn’t this tell you something – “commitment-phobia”, that’s the new word. Divorce is high in the west because marriage is solely between the man and woman, in Africa incidence of divorce is reduced by the presence of family ties in the marriage. This applies mutatis mutandis to dating. He doesn’t want to complicate things when he is done with you eventually, Period!
  7. What about when he doesn’t want you to communicate with his friends independently? Sometimes, when he warns you to stop calling his friends or even delete their numbers and stop keeping close contacts with them it may not be because he is afraid they may snatch you but because he does not want them to say to your hearing, what he doesn’t want you to hear. Things they could say, probably innocently but could give you clues to raise an eyebrow.
  8. Does he repeatedly say he has told you things he never mentioned to you? He may have forgotten which one of you (his girls) he actually told that. He sure do know he has told his girlfriend but which one could be confusing a times especially when he is the kind that keeps all of you at the same level.
  9. Does he look alert and watchful when with you guys are in public places, uncomfortable kind of, or not confident holding your hands? What does that tell you? Your guess is as good as mine.
  10. Has he become so busy that you guys only see at his chosen venue and at his own time alone? He doesn’t want you to make his secret life difficult to hide.

I know that after reading this piece you probably would be having a rethink. Trust is important, trust your partner, but you just have to be sure you are in the right relationship. Identify these symptoms of heartbreak and disappoint disappointments. If you are having any problem with your relationship and you have some questions you want to ask, if you have questions at all relating to relationships, kindly send an e-mail to mention this article if your question relates to it. You will receive prompt response. Your personal information will not be published. Enjoy a fruitful relationship.

Article by Kalu Kalu

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