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One of the biggest oil and gas company in the world, Chevron Corporation was on 2nd August sued at Contra Coasta Superior Court for damages caused to over fifteen thousand people last year as an attempt at negotiation proved abortive.

The suit which was brought by Richmond City Officials was meant according to the counsel for the plaintiff, Frank Pitre, compensate the victims of the fire and the City of Richmond as well as to ensure that Chevron Corporation desisted from causing incessant fire outbreak in its refinery. It was said that Chevron has  a recurrent history of such unfortunate occurrence as it has recorded about a dozen of it in two decades.

The fire incidence which took place on the 6th of Agust, 2012 left at least fifteen thousand people with respiratory complaints in hospitals.

It was gathered from a Richmond City Councilman, Tom Butt that the city fruitlessly met with the representatives of Chevron three times to settle the discord amicably.

Frank Pitre, counsel for the plaintiff explained that those attempts at negotiation were the reason why it took the City twelve whole years to institute an action in court.

However, by a letter from Chevron to a Local Health Department, the Corporation had earlier in January paid the sum of ten million dollars in claims (US $10m, over 23,300 claims) connected to the firebreak.

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  1. this oil and gas people should learn to stop oppressing the poor every where!

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