obama-and-shimon-peres-israel-presidentUN’s (United Nations’) arm, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) which is saddled with the responsibility of among others supporting Press Freedom, designating World’s Heritage Sites and promoting Education globally has sanctioned the United States, Israel and some others over refusal to make financial contributions to the UN body, UNESCO, since over two years.

The United States which is said to be owing about $250m explained away its refusal to contribute its quota to the funding of the UN arm, UNESCO alongside Israel since 2011 and not minding that its dues alone accounts for 22% of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s annual budget, as owing to the fact that UNESCO granted full membership to Palestine despite the United States continuing efforts to settle the impasse between Israel and Palestine.

According to the United States interpretation of the action of the UN arm, it was a subtle and gradual step to walking Palestine into full membership of the United Nations, which will amount to thwarting their (United States) efforts at brokering peace between the two neighbouring countries, Israel and Palestine.

Both countries, United States and Israel were given an ultimatum of Friday, 8th of November this year to provide official justifications on why they have vehemently refused to perform their covenanted obligations or face punishment by suspending their voting rights.

David Killion, United States Ambassador to UNESCO speaking on the matter considered UNESCO a critical partner in creating a better future and therefore reiterated that United States will continue engaging with the UN body in every possible way.


Article by Okpara Joyce


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