Ahead of the 2015 general elections, the involvement of the kingpins, Jonathan and Buhari and the incongruous inactivity of other parties, it has become peturbingly expedient that my ink rolls through my paper. One of my favourite philosophy is that one of the greatest gift given to mankind is the gift of expression, it is an abuse of privilege to die in silence. At this period of 2015 elections, Nigeria and the entire body polity and every parties interested are in an excruciating dilemma in the choices of Buhari or Jonathan, other parties fairly considered. Probably Nigerian or more appropriately,  politicians and the electorates have lost an informed sense of our political system and have inadvertently acceded to the practice of an unwritten structure. Over the issues of the elections, history is being masqueraded.  The scale of propriety leans sacrosanctly imbalanced as between Jonathan, Buhari and other political parties. The desire to run away from injuries can make an anxious unthinking man meet a debilitating death.

Jonathan was a popular choice, during the 2011 elections, that later became a regret for many. Excellence comes not without flaws, if perfection is an impossibility, excellence is therefore the best attainable result. The 2011 presidential election was an excellent exercise, both Jonathan and Buhari were presidential flag bearers of different parties. Jonathan was the second most widely accepted presidential candidate after MKO Abiola. Even people with little or no knowledge of politics, bus drivers in lagos and around the country took pain to expend their hard earned money to rebrand their vehicles with Jonathan’s campaign inscriptions, petty traders in the market were singing his praise, office workers and several other people. As at then, in relation to the elections, my stance was somewhat a lone kind. Being nonpartisan,  i had the privilege of examining facts not from a jaundiced perspective. Moreso,  aas a lawyer, in the legal profession, we are trained to rely so much on evidence, it goes without saying that the future cannot be evident but the antecedent.

As at the 2011 elections, Jonathan had spent  almost 18 months as an interim president of Nigeria following the demise of Umaru Musa Yar’dua. For me, that was the best campaign opportunity any able politician could ever hope for.  But his docility left much to be desired,  hence his exorbitant flamboyant campaign during the elections. I told those who were opportuned to listen to me, “If you give this man 100 years in office, he won’t do anything”. Four years after, I still stand by my assessment. The contingencies of that erroneous general undertaking that perpetuated jonathan in office beyond 2011 are no news… they aren’t ended yet! Some tribalistic Igbos sided him because his wife is Igbo and he was believed to be igbo too bearing an Igbo name, ‘Ebele’ which I would later discover the full meaning in Bayelsa, it is actually ‘Ebelemi’ not Ebele as it was thought and the name in Bayelsa does not mean the same with its homophonic version, the Igbo ‘Ebele or Ebere’

After the elections, I remember his first 100 days in office was celebrated without any substantial achievements. His supporters quickly made excuses for Jonathan, like,  ‘he needed some time to settle for work, forgetting that he has been settling since 2009 in that office. It took the populace at least some outrageous 24 months to realize that this president might be of no beneficial substance. Therefore a large chunk of the citizens commenced a robust outcry for a savior. Opposition parties began to meet and soon APC was born and became one mega party against the mighty Peoples Democratic Party. At the national level, Nigeria became practically a two-party state, an unwritten party system (I shall revisit this point later). All hope turned to APC to salvage the nation. In line with expectations, the mega party has eventually fielded Buhari as its presidential candidate for the 2015 general elections. My hope was dashed! However, like a well orchestrated complication, Buhari has picked up, for the elections,  an honorable and well deserving and overtly meritorious law professor, Prof Yemi Osibanjo as his running mate. Now, those who would ordinarily not support Buhari are leaning towards his side because of Osibanjo. Well, I have news for them, Nigerian Vice President is a toothless bulldog. The president, Buhari, if he unfortunately wins, is the fons et origo, power repository and alpha and omega.

Strongly opinionating,  there are many things wrong with Buhari becoming the president of Nigeria beyond the saddening revelations of Prof. Wole Soyinka. Subsequently, I shall argue these points and hint on the significance of other political parties in Nigeria and the 2015 general elections with minimal reference to constitutional and other relevant legal provisions. … Stay with me,  OSTAR OBINNA.









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